Many list to study in UK, Why UK?


You will fing a course, That meets your needs


Whatever your educational needs, the UK can meet them. More than 3,000 educational institutions welcome international students in the UK :

  • Universities (for undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral level qualifications). With more than 165 accredited higher education institutions you have a fantastic choice of courses, awards and study locations.
  • Pathway courses. A number of University Pathway Colleges run Foundation and Pre master’s courses on university campus’ to prepare international students for entry to undergraduate and postgraduate courses. These colleges are often run by educations group such as INTO, Study Group, Navitas, Cambridge Education Group and Kaplan International Colleges.
  • Further education colleges (to study for technical/vocational certificates and diplomas, and in many cases, degrees). Further Education colleges are smaller tahn universities and specialise in vocational courses. You can do a degree here too, and it will cost you less.
  • Independent schools, where preparation for university entry is outstanding. If you wish to go to the UK to take levels you can go to an independent school. Many of these schools provide boarding or homestay and have educated some of the UK’s most famous leaders, thinkers, ans scientist over hundreds years.
  • English language schools in which you can improve your English language skills. The British Council runs an accreditation scheme to ensure that high standards are maintained in the English language sector



UK degrees can take only three years and postgraduate Master’s courses only one yea, so will save a on both tuitions fees and living cost. Also, you will be able to start working and learning money sooner. English language courses are available in a wide variety of courses lengths and options so you are certain to find one to suit your budget.


Health care os often free for international studenst. You are likely to be able to take advantage of National Health Service (NHS) treatment, as well as reduced-cost medicines, dental tratment and eye tests.

Thanks to changes in work regulations, international students in the UK can now work up to twenty hours a week when studying, and full time during vacations.



UK qualifications are recognised and respected throughout the world. This is because UK universities, colleges and schools provide a vibrant, creative, and challenging environment that will help you develop your potential, and because quality standards for UK institutions are among the best in the world. You will not only get the skills you need to succeed but you will also get a qualifications that is recognised and respected inernationally.



Although it is much smaller, the UK, like Indonesia, is a diverse nation made up of quite different regions in terms of culture, food, and sometimes language. Our major cities contain substantial Muslim population and our religions diversity makes the UK a very tolerant society where all faiths and religions are respected. We have a wide range of study locations: some universities are based in large cities like Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and London while others, like Lancaster and Durham, are located in places with much smaller populations. Wheter you end up studying in Yorkshire, Essex, Wales, or the West Midlands, you will be guaranted a warm welcome from the local population with an eagerness to learn about the experiences you bring with you from Indonesia.


background-London birmingham-united-kingdom VB-00023215-001 Conwy_Castle_Gwynedd_Wales_United_Kingdom London_Eye_Twilight_April_2006 United Kingdom


One thought on “Many list to study in UK, Why UK?

  1. Hai Rifki!!! heheheh very glad to see you’re seem to run your blog again. Gw suka postingan lo yg ini hahaha. Gw pgn bgt ke UK btw. Tp studi di UK ada tantangannya ki, baik itu visa dan biaya hidup. Biasanya lbh banyak mahasiswa indo yg studi di jerman atau swiss. Furthermore kmrn tmn gw cerita ada tmpt oke bwt studi yaitu di Vienna, Austria. Penduduknya baik, rata rata anak muda, bnyk mahasiswa indo juga, banayk mesjid dan ada mesjid Indonesianya yg tiap minggu sediain makanan dr Indo. Oke bgt ki. Arrgg rasanya gw pgn jalan jalan. Jalan jalan yuk ki hahaha

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